Quality and environment

On 15 June 2006, the Company successfully underwent the assessment of quality in line with the international standard ISO9001/2000and ecology in line with the standard ISO 14001/2004. The assessment was carried out by the company TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH.

The quality of operations and environment management are applied throughout the business process. All our activities are directed towards meeting the needs and wishes of our customers. We supply high quality products at competitive prices and within the set deadlines.

By clear and measurable goals in all the areas of business, by discovering deviations and taking preventive and corrective measures, we are constantly improving the effectiveness of the quality management system and environment management. We are always looking for possibilities of how to improve the quality of environment management. Hence, we accept and recycle the remains of polyethylene packaging from our business partners and thus carry out recycling of waste solvents from our own print house.

All activities within our company are directed in fulfilling our customers requests, needs and expectations. Our customers are our greatest wealth. Due to this we endeavour to constantly improve the quality of our products and services enabling us to satisfy all our customers.

We offer quality products at competitive prices and at agreed delivery times. We are prepared to conform with our customer needs and adapt products to match their special needs.

With our customers we establish long term alliance so we can plan together long term aims. We stimulate innovatory activities of each individual within our company and always consider our customer's findings. With team work we build upon synergy and multi disciplinary knowings. The key orientation of all employed within our company is fast adaption to our customers requests. We perform this with constant education of all employees and transfer of contemporary technologies and materials into our production.

In all our activities we regard the following principles:

  • agreed product quality
  • reliable attainment of agreed production times
  • consideration of standards and regulations
  • constant reduction of expenses and persistant production growth

We obligate ourselves to persistently search new opportunities for quality improvement of environment protection. We will and do prevent environment pollution with all our strength.

Quality and environment management is integrated in all operation phases from order to despatch of products.

Relationship with business partners and the public has our special attention, for example collection and recycling of polyethylene packaging remainders.

Our environment management is based on the following foundations:  

  • excellent relationship with our customers
  • environmental consciousness of all employed
  • team work stimulation
  • excellent relations with the interested public
  • consistent conforming with environmental legislation

We have set following goals:

  • set, maintain and improve the quality management system according to requirements of Standard ISO 9001 and environment protection system according the requirements of Standard ISO 14001.
  • for each year we have set measurable annual quality and environmental protection goals, which we interdisciplinary monitore and, whenever needed, we carried out preventive and/or corrective measures.

The annual goals are represented in the company's management plan for each successive year, we monitor the goals monthly on a separate annual goal scale on our internal web site.