EPI license

Termoplasti-Plama's biodegradable carrier bags incorporating EPI's TDPA (Totally Degradable Plastic Additives) have the same properties, quality and performances as regular carrier bag. They are strong, light, reusable and fully recyclable.

Disposed in a landfill, they degrade in the presence of oxygen, heat and mechanical stress within 12 to 24 months.
Even if inadvently littered, they will degrade in the presence of sunlight and wind (mechanical stress), and ultimately biodegrade when exposed to oxygen, soil, moisture and microbes as describes in ASTM D6954-04.

The characteristics of EPI bag:

  • high strength, low weight and reusable;
  • the same printability, glossiness and sealability;
  • use  of 70 % less energy than paper bags;
  • greenhouse gas emissions are 50 % lower than paper;
  • manufacture with the same equipment and processes;
  • cost effective and competitive with the prices of PE product;
  • controlled lifetime  from manufacture, to service life, to final disposal;
  • tested and proven to degrade, biodegrade and non eco-toxic in accordance to ASTM D 6954-04;
  • degradable and ultimately biodegradable when disposed in landfill, soil or compost;
  • non-toxic and leave no adverse impact on the environment;
  • recyclable - confirmed by REcyc-Quebec (Canadia government agency) to be fully compatible with existing PE recycling stream;
  • food contact compliant with FDA (USA) and EFSA (Europe);
  • biodegrade in the presence of oxygen, micro-organisms, heat and humidity by converting into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.