for industrial packaging, embossed films, siliconized films, laminated films ...
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Siliconized films
New line for EASY RELEASE SILICONIZED FILMS, which can be used as a carrier - »liner« for labels, for protection of adhesive coated insulating materials, for self-adhesive printed labels or »linerless« labels, for thermal labels without support, for siliconized pape, for asphaltic coated roofing underlayment, for window seal, for pipe wrap tape, for flashing tape, for pressure sensitive polystyrene used in packaging, for expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam.
for industry - bags on pins, courier bags, patch handle bags, blocked bags...
Bag type »envelope«that can be closed with hot melt are mainly used as courier bags and as protection of the product against theft or in the airport duty free shops.
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